Bill Wingard

Bill Wingard

About Shroud Talks

In 2013 Bill Wingard established “Shroud Talks” to present the history and science of the Shroud of Turin and to tackle its biggest mystery – is the Shroud the actual burial cloth of Jesus Christ?  Since then, he has given over 100 talks across the United States, in churches, prisons, universities, and schools.

Personal research coupled with the knowledge and help of Barrie Schwortz (original photographer for the 1978 scientific evaluation of the Shroud) provides a comprehensive presentation that does not disappoint.

 Along with the illuminating power point, the audience also views a full-size replica of the Shroud and large photo negatives which reveal the detailed features that sparked the “Shroud Explosion”.

The presentation is given free of charge; however, there may be travel expenses.